Alternative to the New Bronco Raptor, Build an Explorer Prerunner

Let’s face it the new Bronco Raptor is truly impressive, but not everyone has the cash to swing for one. We’ve got the answer for you.

Explorer Prerunner

The Ford Explorer was the SUV that really made SUVs popular. It was the most sold SUV for years, and that’s great for you! Instead of spending your life savings on a new Bronco Raptor consider building an Explorer Prerunner using one of our long travel kits.

Since there were so many Explorers built during 1995 to 2001, they can be picked up cheap right now. This leaves you more cash to build your dream prerunner.

Explorers give you a lot of options, you can find them with 5.0L V8 motors in either 2WD or 4WD (V8 version only came in AWD version). Our 1999 Mercury Mountaineer has the 5.0 with AWD and our +2″ kit on it.

Explorer Prerunner

Explorer Prerunner 16″ of Wheel Travel

Looking for something wild? The guys over at Innov8 Racing Wheels built this Explorer using our +4.5″ long travel kit that offers 16″ of wheel travel with 4WD.

So if you’re looking at the Bronco Raptors but you want to build your own version, we have the perfect kits for you!